Consulting for Nonprofits is available for a variety of projects and enjoys

 providing the solutions that are perfectly matched for your organizational needs. 

 Interim Executive Director and Interim Development Officer:

With vast organizational knowledge, Rebecca is available to serve as your interim executive director or development officer.  She is experienced in searching for and writing grants, developing a strong donor base, and increasing your overall effectiveness.   She provides board training and board assessments. 


Finding grants, writing grants, reporting on grants, cultivating donors, creating a diverse funding plan, and all other areas of fundraising are available through Consulting for Nonprofits. 

Professional Writing:

 Assistance is available for annual reports, grant narratives, publicity articles or any other general writing needs.


By listening and asking the right questions, as an independent observer, Rebecca can help determine what type of help will be most beneficial.

Organizational and Financial Coaching: 

Rebecca can offer knowledge and insight about how to address your organizational goals and challenges.  From budgets to board members, she brings legal and hands-on knowledge to the table.  

Teaching and negotiating: 

Rebecca has experience with handling difficult situations.  She can serve as the spokesperson, the go-between, and the organizational counselor.  She fills the role that needs to be filled always working from the direction and structure set by the organization.

Networking Connections: 

With a variety of resources and connections, Rebecca can help point you to the people, foundations, and other organizations that can contribute to your success.