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Executive Director Coaching

posted Jul 8, 2016, 11:25 AM by Rebecca Baumann
With a corporate promotion, it is not uncommon for a new executive to receive coaching or professional mentoring as a side benefit for their new position.  “Helping to build stronger companies and a healthier bottom line” is the tag line for one corporate coaching certification program.

When new nonprofit executive directors (ED’s) are hired or as seasoned executive directors face yet one more yearly fundraising event; another round of grant writing; hiring, again, for a critical staff position; or wondering how to handle a disgruntled board member, there is rarely an easy place to turn for venting, counsel, or comradery.  New or seasoned ED’s are in charge of staff and are the primary organizational representative with partner organizations. For small nonprofits, they may be the personnel and development office all wrapped into one.  

Aside from weary partners and well-meaning friends, ED’s need a place to have informed and non-judgmental listening session, coaching for the difficult decisions and actions that are unique to a nonprofit, and a balanced arena where they can discuss personal and business concerns.  

Consulting for Nonprofits is now offering that service.  The take-away from this blog post is, if you are an executive director, know that your job is difficult and too often rather isolating.  Recognize that you need work-life balance and reasonable work goals to not just survive, but to thrive in the job you love.