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Appreciating and Cultivating Donors

posted Jun 6, 2012, 7:59 AM by Rebecca Baumann
On May 8, Dr. Eddie Thompson spoke on “Giving in the Current Environment” at the Minnesota Planned Giving Council.  In that presentation he reported that many donors no longer have the disposable income they once had, and they are concerned that they may no longer have the resources that they need to maintain their lifestyle.  Although major donors are giving less cash, they still have the same charitable intent.  They are making gifts of net worth; testamentary gifts through various mechanisms such as bequests, insurance, and trusts; gifts that provide income and gifts that also fulfill their estate planning objectives. Dr. Thompson has an introductory video on his Website,

For our major donors, it is essential to put their needs first.  Our job is to help the donors achieve their objectives and goals.  Major donors need time to think, and our job is to listen, provide information they need to make decisions, keep in touch and then trust them.  

For all of our donors, gratitude is key.  Be timely and sincere, and always say “Thank you.”  Your small and regular donors are the backbone of your organizations.  They are also the donors who are most likely to grow into your major donors in the future.