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2015 Roadmap

posted Jan 16, 2015, 7:16 AM by Rebecca Baumann
It’s 2015, and time to review your strategic plan.

In Peter Decker’s book, The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask Your Organization, he starts with looking at your mission statement and ends with asking “What is your plan?”

A great way to have a strong kick-off in 2015 is to review your strategic plan and weigh it against you mission and your action plan for the year.  

Your strategic plan should not just be that red binder on the shelf or that exercise the board went through three years ago.  (Yikes, has it already been three years?)  Your strategic plan should be your motivation, your guide, and your map to achieving your mission.  

Is your strategic plan still relevant and still providing the direction you need for evaluating current programs, starting new programs, writing grants and inspiring donors?

If you don’t have a strategic plan, decide to make that your first goal in 2015.  If you have one, read it and have the board review it.  You may be cruising down the highway, but be sure that the road you are on leads to your chosen destination.